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Collision Repair

Over the last 30 years auto body repair technology and advanced allowing cars to be repaired safer than ever before. CARSTAR CarSmart Collision Repair works to make accident repair work as hassle-free as possible with experienced, professionally trained technicians. We work within the factory recommended repair procedures to make sure your vehicle is as safe has the engineers designed it to be.

Our written warranty on all collision repairs documents our commitment to restoring your vehicle to its original condition and earning your trust. A lifetime guarantee is provided by CARSTAR CarSmart Collision Repair on all structural and body repairs.


Frame Repair

Even though you cannot see your frame it provides functions other than being the backbone of your vehicle. One of the most important functions it provides is protecting the occupants of the vehicle. If a structural repair is not carried out properly that could cause premature or delayed airbag deployment, passenger compartment intrusion and other life or death safety related concerns. CarSmart professional technicians are certified to carry out the repairs.



CARSTAR CarSmart Collision Repair’s environmentally conscience approach to collision repair goes beyond recycling all our used parts like rubber bumpers, steel and aluminum parts and using recycled parts when available. Our paint is environmentally concise. CARSTAR CarSmart Collision Repair sprays PPG’s Aquabase waterborne paint. Recognized by United Kingdom’s “Queens Award for Technology”, backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, and included in the PPG Paint Performance Guarantee—this product has proven itself in thousands of collision centers worldwide with its exceptional ability to provide precise color alignment to solid colors and metallic—including today’s tri-coat pearl and special effect colors. The Aquabase Plus system is the environmentally-progressive solution for repair of original basecoat and direct gloss finishes without sacrificing process time efficiency. The fact that many manufactures us PPG paint products help make sure they are a cost effective quality productd.


Complete Systems Electronic Diagnostics

With the complex computerized systems in today’s cars simply depending on a dash warning light to know if your vehicle is safe to drive after an accident or more importantly if your family is safe, could be dangerous. Pre-crash warning systems, Airbags, Vehicle Stability control systems and other highly complex systems depend on every system in your vehicle working like it did when it came from the factory. Today more and more manufactures require a complete vehicle scan before the vehicle is considered safe to operate after a collision. CARSTAR CarSmart Collision Repair can complete this scan to make sure your vehicles safety systems are working as designed. There is an extra cost for this but most of the times the insurance company will cover this cost.

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